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Choose the kitchen scale you need

Date: 2020-04-14 * Browse : 38

Kitchen scales, as the name suggests, are a tool for accurately measuring the weight of food ingredients used in cooking. The materials for making kitchen scales are generally ABS or AAS plastic and stainless steel. Tempered glass may also be used in electronic kitchen scales. Because tempered glass is easy to clean, it is generally used as the tray part of kitchen scales. Kitchen scales are electronic and plastic, electronic scales are more expensive, and the weight can be weighed more accurately. Those who are interested can take a look. The plastic scale is about ten yuan, and the weight less than 5 grams is not accurate.


A good kitchen scale is absolutely necessary for every kitchen. Although there is no substitute for skilled intuition—add a little and cook a few times until golden and delicious—sometimes, the accuracy that the scale can provide is critical. Many baking recipes require cups and liquid ounces, but no matter how skilled you are, the flour cups that bakers call today are not the flour cups that tomorrow. This is because many dry ingredients (such as flour, corn starch, and brown sugar) can be easily compressed or aerated according to the whims of the measurer, how the goods are stored, and some black magic.


The scale is not only suitable for all possible pastry guides. They are also indispensable tools for any serious chef, especially for determining proportions or portions. If you want to divide them into two parts, onion, celery and carrot, then a quick check of the weight scale can provide you with guidance. More advanced recipes (such as those used in delicatessens), where the perfect ratio of fat, meat and salt is everything, so you need to use a scale. Even in your daily life, using a scale can make coffee making easier, so you do n’t need to pick out a handful of beans and a few glasses of water, but only need to measure in grams.


Kitchen scale brand list

1. Xiangshan

2. Mumei

3. German wave

4. Magic Kitchen


6. Xiangheng

7. Leyi Shi

8. Cool Bay

9. Jiabai

10. Weiheng


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