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If you want to make your own beer, you must know this knowledge- hydrometer!

Date: 2020-03-13 * Browse : 48

Method for increasing alcohol degree of brewed beer-use hydrometer

The simple way to increase the alcohol content of a brewed beer is to add sugar. During fermentation, yeast converts extra sugar into alcohol. Of course, the use of dry malt extract as a source of sugar is a good choice. It can increase the alcohol content and not increase the sweetness of the wine. But keep in mind that when you add dry malt extract or sugar, you must match them so that you can effectively ferment.


How to see if the brewed beer has started to ferment- use hydrometer

Under normal circumstances, a turbid foam will appear on the surface of the wort within 24 hours after the yeast is introduced. This phenomenon indicates that the fermentation is very normal, and the foam on the surface layer can also protect the wort from contamination by bacteria. The method of observing whether the fermentation is carried out normally is to use a hydrometer to read the specific gravity of the wort and see if the value is lower than the original specific gravity. After 48 hours, if the fermentation has not yet started, you can confirm whether the temperature is correct and adjust accordingly; if the temperature is normal, you can put some yeast.


The method is actually very simple, as long as you pay more attention to some details can be found. There are many details to be noted in the brewing process of brewed beer.

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